Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Healing Powers of Banana

The Healing Powers of Banana
Bananas are usually harvested green shipped green and ripened by wholesale fruit jobbers in air-conditioned ripening rooms.

The Gros Michel variety is the most popular of the many varieties. It produces the largest and most compact bunch, which makes it easier to ship. The thick skin of the banana protects the soft fruit.

Other popular varieties of banana are the Claret or red banana which has a gummy flesh; the Lady Finger, which is the smallest variety, but has a delicate, sweet flavour and the Apple, which has an acid flavour and states somewhat like a mellow apple.

In the tropics, bananas are often cooked and served with beans, rice or tortillas.

In the Latin American countries, the ripe banana is sometimes dried in the sun in much the same manner as figs and raisins.

They are often sliced when ripe and left in the sun until they are covered with a coating of which, sugary powder that arises from their own juices.

The sugars in banana are readily assimilated and they contain many vitamins and minerals and a great deal of fiber.

They are excellent for young children and infants and are good in reducing diets because they satisfy the appetite and are low in fat.

Because they are so soft, they are good for persons who have intestinal disturbances and for convalescents. Bananas feed the natural acidophilus bacteria of the bowel, and their high potassium content benefits the muscular system.
The Healing Powers of Banana
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