Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dried banana

Dried banana slices are chewy and a little sticky, with a caramel-like color. Banana slices do not have to be dried until they are hard because the natural sugars act as a preservative.

The drying time will vary depending on the type of dehydrator, the temperature used, piece size, sugar content and the number of trays on the dehydrator.

Drying brings about a substantial reduction in weight and volume; thereby minimizing packaging, storage and transportation cost and also enable storability of the product under ambient temperature. Dried fruits are unique, tasty and nutritious. They are easy to handle and can be easily incorporated during food formulation and preparation.

Dried banana slices are great for a sweet snack; syrup-blanched bananas are particularly good for this, as they are delightfully chewy and flavorful, somewhat like toffee.

All dried bananas work well in dried fruit mixes and are particularly good combine with apricots, peaches or pineapple.
Dried banana
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