Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ducasse banana

The smaller, sweeter "Lady Finger" banana, 4% of the Australian market, suitable for fruit salads because they do not go brown when cut. One of the lady finger variety is Ducasse banana.

Ducasse also known as pisang awak in Malaysia, pisang klotok in Indonesia or Vietnamita in Cuba.

This delicious ladyfinger type dessert banana has been described as having the tastiest, sweetest, highest quality fruit.

Ducasse variety, has superior flavor to other varieties, keeps its shape during cooking, but soft skin speckled with a grey white mould, so when ripe the skin is black, Musaceae.

This is most widely disseminated ABB cultivar; 70% of all bananas that are grown in Thailand are of this cultivar.

It grows rapidly even in cool areas. The sweet, thin-skinned bananas mature very quickly, even when the flower appears somewhat late in the season. In addition, because it's a dwarf, it makes a great container banana. It is drought resistant and vigorous.
Ducasse banana

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