Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Introduction to bananas

Bananas are not grown commercially in the continental United States, but some are grown in Hawaii and shipped to the mainland.

In the western hemispheres, the chief production of bananas occurs in Mexico and the Central Americans countries, in Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republican, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil. Bananas are also grown in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Bananas trees are started from young plants that bud from the underground stem or bulb of older plants. The trees bear mature fruit 13-15 months after planting, depending on climate, and each other requires an area of 100-400 ft2 (9.3 – 37m2), depending on soil and water conditions.

The trees develop flowering stalks with males and female flowers, and the female flower eventually becomes the fingers (single bananas) of the hand. Only one stem (bunch) of bananas is produced per tree.
Introduction to bananas
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