Thursday, March 23, 2017

Manufacturing of banana chips

In the production of banana chips, thin banana slices of 1.75 to 2.0 thicknesses are soaked in a solution containing NaCl, citric acid, and potassium metabisulfate for 30 min. They are removed, wiped and then deep-frying in a suitable cooking medium and salting them.

Coconut oil is the most preferred medium in India, while cottonseed oil or corn oil is used in other countries.
The excess oil is removed by wiping. Antioxidants are added to keep the product from becoming rancid.

Many variations of banana chips exist. Chips are coated with cane sugar and refried to produce sugar-coated banana chips. Another variation is that chips are coated with a mixture of banana puree and sugar before frying the second time.

The chips are stored in high-density polyethylene bags, which in turn are kept in sealed tins.
Manufacturing of banana chips

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