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Banana fritters

Basic ingredients for preparation of banana fritters: dried banana slices, granulated sugar, salt and egg yolk. Some recipe added cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla as flavor.

Dried banana slices are taken in a bowl and soaked in water for 1 to min hours followed by straining, Simultaneously, in another bowl egg yolk is beaten and added with remaining salt, water, banana and sugar.

Mix it well. Heat the pan and put in about 2 tablespoonsfuls of the batter at a time, fry it until a nice brown, then sprinkle castor sugar over.

Banana Fritters are a popular recipe around the world. It is believed that the first banana fritters were invented in Western Africa.

Fritters work best with very ripe bananas. If the peel is brown, the fritters will be even more tasty.

There are many ways to make banana fritters. National of the French West Indies make a batter, dip pieces of rum-soaked banana into it, and fry them.

In English speaking Caribbean, they usually blend mashed banana into a batter.
Banana fritters

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