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Phosphorus in banana

Phosphorus plays an important role in starch accumulation in bananas. The levels of phosphorus in banana fruits ranged from 31.62 to 42.45 mg 100 g−1, with differences between cultivars and fertilizer rates.

Phosphorus helps rooting, improves winter hardiness and speeds up flowering and fruiting. Phosphorus also contributes to improvement and productivity of the banana crop through:
*Increasing vegetative growth rate and number of leaves.
*Increase quality characteristics of crop.

This mineral is one of the three primary nutrients and is absorbed by banana roots mainly in the form of orthophosphate (H2PO4-). It is a component of sugar-phosphates, nucleic acids, nucleotides, coenzymes, phospholipids, phytic acid, and more.

Phosphorus is a mineral that is important for many body functions. It is found in human bones and helps human body build cells and helps energy transfers throughout the cells.

Phosphorus deficiency
The symptoms of phosphorus deficiency start on older leaves. The leaves show a darker, blue0green color, and yellow chlorotic zones develop in the intercostal areas the leaf margin.
Phosphorus in banana

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