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Banana and Health Benefits

Banana and Health Benefits
When you compare it to apple, the banana has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphate, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose – combine with fiber. In this form a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. The banana has also been found helpful for a number of illness and conditions:

Depressed people often feel better after eating a banana, this is because contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body coverts into serotonin. This powerful hormone is known to make the person relax, improve mood and generally make people feel happier.

The banana’s vitamin B6 helps regulate blood glucose levels, which can positively affect your mood and calm the nervous system.

High in organic iron (versus inorganic iron used in supplements), bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and thereby improve anemia.

Blood Pressure and Brain Power
High in potassium, yet low in sodium, bananas are very effective in balancing blood pressure. Banana has the ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke. And for the same reason, students were found to be more alert and increased academic performance when eating banana for breakfast and at lunchtime.

High in fiber, bananas in the diet have helped restore normal bowel functions in people suffering from constipation.

Having a natural antacid effect, bananas have helped people suffering with heartburn. Banana neutralizes over acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Morning sickness
Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito bites
If bitten by an insect, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. Banana skin is known for reducing swelling and irritation.

The banana’s potassium helps normalizes the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates the body’s water balance. During stress, our metabolic rate rises; this in turn drops potassium levels. Bananas can reverse this effect of stress.
Banana and Health Benefits

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