Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lady finger banana

Lady finger banana also known as sugar banana, sucrier, fig banana or date banana. It is small in size but very sweet and excellent dessert fruit. The texture a bit former and tastier than larger banana.

The bananas are flavorsome and fragrant and it often used in Asian cooking. The skin is very thin and the cuticle prone to bruising, making transport and preservation difficult.

Lady finger bananas need to be fully ripe for the best taste and texture.

The fruit benefit the digestive system due to their pectin content, plus they supply iron, chlorine, sulphur and bromine, all essential for the glandular and blood system.

Lady finger banana tend to be green skinned when unripe, taking on a yellow color when ready to eat. When overripe, the skin starts to develop brownish spots and at this stage, they are best used in banana shakes, or cooked in bread or cakes.
Lady finger banana

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