Monday, September 3, 2012

Banana flour

Banana flour is said to be highly digestible and is used for babies and invalids. It also can be used the preparations of high fiber bread, digestible cookies and beverages.

Bakery products with banana flour have lo glycemic index and could be used as a dietary aid for people with low caloric requirements.

If mixed with wheat flour it may be made into very palatable cakes.

Cooking banana flour can also be mixed with denser materials which do not have good expansion properties such as high fiber bran to obtain a crispy wholesome product.

Banana flour is made by drying and grinding the mature but unripe fruit, the starch of which has not yet been changed to sugar.

The fruits are harvested at three quarters the full ripe stage and are processed within 24 hours prior to the onset of ripening.
Banana flour

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