Monday, May 3, 2021

Latundan banana

This cultivar is a popular table banana that is small to medium in size and has white pulp and yellow peel when ripe. Latundan has a thin peel that is green when unripe. It is sweet with mild subacid taste, fine texture, and sweet and delicious flavor.

Latundan is said to have been introduced from India by a French clergyman, Letondal.
Latundan is highly susceptible to Race 1 of Foc, and sigatoka. It is susceptible to nematodes, R. similis and M. incognita. The juvenile and adult females of R. similis are active mobile forms which may leave the roots in case of adverse conditions. This nematode invades any portion of the root length.

Latundan tree grows to a height of six to ten feet tall. Latundan is common in local markets, and is fed to infants due to its easy digestibility. Bananas with freckles (small brown to black spots), like Latundan, are preferred by consumers because it’s associated with sweetness.
Latundan banana

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