Thursday, October 22, 2020

Banana: Fruit Rich With Vitamin B

Bananas are a healthful addition to a balanced diet and also used in special diets where ease of digestibility, low fat, minerals and vitamins are required. Normally, these types of special preparation food are used for babies, the elderly and patients with stomach problems, gout, and arthritis.

Bananas are identified as relatively rich in pyridoxine (vit. B6). Bananas contain 35% of recommended daily intake of B6, necessary for producing antibodies and red blood cells as well as aiding in the metabolism of fat.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, 2007, there is some evidence that pyridoxine protects against cancer of the esophagus. By eating bananas, it also helps to increase focus and mental acuity. Furthermore, vitamin B6 serves as an immunity booster.

This fruit do not supply much vitamin C or vitamin A, compare to other fruits. On the other hand, banana supply about 15% of RDA for vitamin C, one of the strongest antioxidants.
Banana: Fruit Rich With Vitamin B

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